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Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about how to set a case with our panelists here at JdR. These are general guidelines. Keep in mind that your case may involve particular circumstances which will require special handling.

How do I get a mediation set on JdR’s calendar?

To set up a hearing, please contact a staff member at 206-223-1669. A Scheduling Coordinator will help you chose a panelist and coordinate available dates. Please remember that availability can change quickly.

To help you to find a mutually agreeable date, JdR staff will be happy to coordinate schedules. Let us know the name of opposing counsel, any co-counsel, insurance adjustors, or others you would like us to contact. (JdR will not contact an attorney’s clients directly.)

If you think you may want to set a case for a particular date, please ask us to hold that date for you. (Unfortunately, we cannot hold more than one date at a time for a single case.) When a case is put on hold, the parties have five business days to confirm or release the date. If the date you have put on hold is requested by other parties who are able to confirm, JdR staff may contact you to advance your confirmation deadline.

Before a case can move from a HOLD status to a SET status, we need to confirm with all involved parties that:

  1. They agree to mediate.
  2. They agree on a particular panelist.
  3. They agree on a fee split.
  4. All necessary participants are available to attend on the selected day and time.
  5. Name(s) of attendee(s).

How do I get an arbitration set on JdR’s calendar?

Setting an arbitration on the JdR calendar is similar to setting a mediation. However, the process often starts with an agreement, contract, or order to arbitrate. If you have such a document, please deliver it to our Case Administrator at 1425 Fourth Avenue, Suite 300, Seattle WA 98101. To schedule arbitration please contact our Arbitration Case Administrator, Marygrace Aguiling, at 206-442-1683. Please see our arbitration rules for further information.

The parties can’t agree on a date—what do we do?

The panelists are available for conference calls to help the parties resolve issues that stand in the way of getting cases set on the calendar.

Is there a minimum hearing time?

Typically, cases are set on the calendar for a full day (8 hours plus an estimated hour and a half of preparation time) or a half day (4 hours plus an estimated one hour of preparation time) Different time lengths may be available at the panelists’ discretion.

What happens after we set our case on the calendar?

After setting your case on the calendar, JdR will send you a packet containing a confirming letter, an invoice (if applicable), information on how to submit briefs, and a copy of our Fee Schedule.

What happens if we need to cancel, reschedule or change the length of my hearing?

If you need to cancel, reschedule, or make changes to your case for any reason, please contact the JdR Scheduling Coordinator as early as possible. If you cancel or reschedule after the cancellation deadline and we are unable to fill the lost time with another matter, the fees will remain due. Please contact JdR staff for current rates and more information regarding due dates.

When are the fees due?

Fees are due in advance of the hearing. Please review the Fee Schedule for information regarding due dates. Failure to pay by the due date may result in the removal of the case from our calendar.

I am a plaintiff or a defendant in a case—should I contact JdR directly?

The agreement to render service is usually between Judicial Dispute Resolution and the attorney or representative of each of the participating parties. If you wish to use JdR’s services and have an attorney, please contact him or her to start the process.

Will panelists travel to my location?

  • Although JdR has its own, well designed facility, panelists are willing to travel to your office or any other agreed location to conduct mediations and arbitrations. Consider this option when scheduling.
  • Fees vary based on location and travel time.