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JDR sponsored two very successful Happy Hours for the KCBA Young Lawyers Division.

The first was on November 19, 2009 at Thoa in downtown Seattle.  Former judges Burdell, Jordan, Finkle, Spearman and Baker took time to visit with the 75 young lawyers who attended (a KCBA YLD Happy Hour record), giving them an opportunity to become acquainted with experienced law professionals at the top of the profession.  Both KCBA and JDR considered the event a success – a great opportunity for the young lawyers and a similarly great opportunity for JDR to promote is services.

The second event was held on July 29, 2010 in JDR’s new offices, drawing about 85 guests.  This time, JDR provided all of the refreshments and invited the JDR judges and also the current sitting judges, so the experience for the young lawyers was enhanced.  The setting was very pleasant, giving the guests an opportunity to see the office and the areas where disputes are resolved as they interacted with the jurists.

KCBA is very grateful to JDR for providing these opportunities for its Young Lawyers Division and had used the model to promote other events going forward.  We sincerely hope to continue to work with JDR.

Thank you Judge Burdell et al!

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